Pep Gimeno, “Botifarra”, brings the cant d’estil to Zaragoza

Pep Gimeno, “Botifarra”, is the most outstanding representative of Valencian popular music. His extensive repertoire, forged over almost five decades, encompasses the cant d’estil, the albaes, the cant de treball or the traditional romanços, to name the most abundant popular genres in literature and music of oral tradition.

His discography is extensive, with collaborations from numerous artists and groups. Among them stands out the care and care with which he elaborates the cant valencià, the jota, in its version of cant d’estil or as jota de ronda, conscripts or improvised jota.

Pep Gimeno performs an excellent job in his recitals, in which he shows Valencian popular singing at its best, as folklore that keeps his presence alive in a town that loves and cares for him. But it is also an example to follow for those of us who are aware of the enormous value of our folklore. I wish those who followed this example were a Government of Aragon that is still shooting in the dark with the declaration of Intangible Heritage of the jota and some populist councils that still to reduce the jota to baturricos dancing in front of the Pilar!

Pep Gimeno will be accompanied by one of the great connoisseurs of the jota in Aragon, Carmen Paris, to make us enjoy an evening of Aragonese and Valencian jotas with an authentic popular flavor and with the dignity with which the jota was sung a century ago. the same in the plantations as in the theaters.

We will be able to see Pep Gimeno and Carmen Paris next Thursday, November 24, 2022, at 9:00 p.m., at the Almozara Civic Center of Zaragoza.