Traditional music and dances for the solstice

The arrival of the summer solstice, such an important date in the traditional year cycle, has now lost importance due to the uniformity of the productive tasks. Despite this, it continues to be a very celebrated date and many of its traditions, such as bonfires and the consequent snack and dancing in the heat of the embers, continue to be maintained in many places. The Escuela Xixena and the Dance del Rabal usually invite us every year to receive the summer with an open-air dance in the traditional way, and although the sanitary circumstances still do not allow us to meet and dance around the fire, this year they will not prevent us from celebrating the arrival of the summer with them, for which they offer us a sample of traditional dances at the Tío Jorge Civic Center in Zaragoza, on June 25, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.