Tribute to the musicians of Mainar

The popular musicians roamed the towns of Aragon, brightening up the local festivities with their melodies. From bagpipers or dulzaineros, alone or accompanied by a drum, to small orchestras, any formation was valid to interpret, with simple arrangements, the fashionable melodies that brought the radio or that the musicians themselves learned anywhere they heard them and spread around the places they visited.

On June 8, 2019, at 7:00 p.m., the town of Mainar (Zaragoza) pays homage to its three famous musicians: Joaquín Gómez, Lamberto Funes the blind and José Gómez. These three guitar, bandurria, accordion and lute players toured the region making dance to the neighbors of the places they visited. For this he has organized a concert in which a nourished rondalla will perform arrangements of the dance pieces that these musicians used to play in the festivals that animated. The event will be attended by José Gómez, the youngest of the three musicians.