The Ball of the Ribbons of Escatrón

In Escatrón Santa Agueda is celebrated dancing the Baile de las Cintas,  a popular dance performed only by women. It consists of three dances in which eight long ribbons are braided and unbraided on a stick to the sound of the music currently played by the Orquesta Laudística de Escatrón and the Rondalla de El Cachirulo. The ball will take place on Saturday, February 6, at 4:30 in the afternoon, at the Replaceta del Barranco.

The music of this dance was collected by Arcadio de Larrea in 1945. It is shown below the transcription that he made of one of the melodies, the text (nº 57) that accompanied it in the compilation that Larrea made in 1949 and a video of his current interpretation. This dance is performed every year since 1955.

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