Matiné Musical’22

The Matiné Musical’22 festival once again brings concerts to the Delicias Civic Center of Zaragoza at vermouth time. This pre-normality year does so with four musical groups of various styles, among which folk shines on its own merit thanks to the presence of the Aragonese band O’Carolan and the Castilian-Leonese Fetén Fetén. They are joined by David Angulo, who will present his new album, and the guitarists José Luis Arrazola, Alonso Martínez and Tolo Pueyo, who present an improvisation show in the direction of the most diverse musical currents.

The folk group O’Carolan was born from the repertoire created by the Irish musician Turlough O´Carolan, author of numerous pieces for harp based on the Irish musical tradition, and many of which are still performed today.

Inspired by his work and In the sounds of traditional music from various parts of Europe, O’Carolan recorded his first three albums, Alrededor de una vela, La llave de los sueños and El reloj secreto.

His fourth album, Nota de paso, was a look at the traditional music of Aragon with the Celtic optics that permeated his previous works. Recently, O’Carolan has published his fifth work, Caleidoscopio, with this same musical perspective although with a greater impact on the musical folklore of Aragon, and with the collaboration of the Cuarteto Concuerda.

The group O’Carolan is formed by Susana Arregui (fiddle, nykleharpa and viola), Pilar Gonzalvo (Irish harp, diatonic accordion), Ernesto Cossío (acoustic guitar), Julián Ansuategui (percussion) and Miguel Ángel Fraile (Aragonese bagpipes, Irish bagpipes, whistles, accordion).

The Fetén Fetén duo is made up of equal parts Burgos musicians Jorge Arribas and Diego Galaz, who perform instrumental versions of songs drawn from the musical tradition of half the world with instruments such as the violin and the accordion, joined by a variety of unconventional lutheria gadgets, such as the handsaw, the camping chair flute, the recogeval or the frying pan.

The Matiné Musical’22 concerts will take place on May 8, 15, 22 and 29, at 12:30 pm, at the Delicias Civic Center in Zaragoza.