Escatrón’s dance comes to life

The dance is one of the most representative traditions of the musical folklore of Aragon, and today the most alive. Numerous Aragonese towns represent their dance after a dark period in which most of them were forgotten. Today a large part of these dances return to the streets of their towns, led by the citizens themselves, who are responsible for preserving, transmitting, updating and enriching them and sometimes even creating them from scratch, making them authentic folklore.

The dance of Escatrón (Zaragoza) has not been danced since 1925. During the time it was inactive it has suffered the deterioration of prolonged oblivion, mitigated in part by the work of Arcadio de Larrea, who preserved some of its elements receiving it by oral tradition and translating it into sheet music (the immense work of compilation of the Aragonese musical traditions that D. Arcadio de Larrea did can be consulted in full at

Now, thanks to an initiative by the musician Ángel Marín, all the information published about this dance has been studied and next Sunday, April 24, 2022, at five in the afternoon, it will be performed again at Escatrón, in a staging carefully faithful to the dance, music and clothing that has been reflected in the existing documentation.

The components of the Dance de Escatrón have been part of this project, involving Carmen Barrachina as a dance teacher and the Gaiteros del Rabal, who will provide the music for the event on Sunday.

This is a starting point so that the dance becomes a living folklore again and the town of Escatrón continues to represent it, incorporating each year the elements that it considers appropriate so that this dance continues to be an emblem of the town and that it does not become outdated and forgotten again. over time.

On Sunday, April 24, 2022, there will be a big festivity at Escatrón.