“Oturia”, new show by Miguel Ángel Berna

The new project of the dancer Miguel Ángel Berna already has a date for its premiere, at the Principal Theater of Zaragoza: from November 11 to 14, 2021. As is usual in Berna‘s creations, Oturia sinks its roots in the musical folklore of Aragon, and this time he does it in the deepest and most authentic: the dance.

The Oturia peak dominates the Serrablo and the Sobrepuerto, offering magnificent views of the Santa Orosia plain, the scene of one of the most traditional and best-preserved dances in Aragon, which, accompanied by a pilgrimage, takes place every June 25. The Santa Orosia pilgrimage is a ritual complex that has been accompanied by paloteao since the 17th century. Unlike many of the Aragonese dances, more elaborate or more evolved, the dance of Santa Orosia preserves evident elements of its antiquity and its excellent conservation, such as its peculiar clothing (skirts, flower hats) or the accompanying instruments (chiflo and Psalter) and the dancers (sticks).

Miguel Ángel Berna chooses this dance as a sample of the richness and beauty of a cultural heritage as great as the Aragonese dances, claiming its value as a spiritual heritage and as a fundamental element of the heritage of popular wisdom.

Oturia is based on the dance and the pilgrimage of Santa Orosia to symbolize the pilgrimage of a society through the numerous hermitages that crosses the route that ascends to Santa Orosia from the town of Yebra de Basa, in search of relief to the worries that you cannot cope with from an earthly perspective; Based on this sample of popular tradition and culture, the show acquires a deep social and religious significance.

The musical direction of the show is in charge of Guillermo Mata and the artistic direction is of the dancer Alejandro Álvarez.