The Bufacalibos of Biella Nuei

The Bufacalibos are born from the Biella Nuei folk group with the purpose of disseminating the folklore of Aragon in its most traditional vision, attending to the melodies, the instruments with which they are played and, mainly, the function with which they are interpreted. Bufacalibos de Biella Nuei start from the premise that folklore is alive while the people adopt it, adapt it to their needs and interpret it spontaneously, as part of their daily activities. From this vision of folklore arise the Bufacalibos, which are, literally, “those who blow on the embers of the fire to fan the flame.”

That is the spirit of the show they offer and that we will be able to enjoy next September 25, 2021 in Jusu (Huesca), at 8 p.m.