Fleta, glory and passion

The Opera 2001 company, a regular in the opera programming of the Teatro Principal de Zaragoza, presents a production dedicated to the life of the great tenor from Huesca, Miguel Fleta. With the title Fleta, glory and passion, the work recreates the life of this great artist from Albalate de Cinca who stood out as one of the greatest lyrical singers that history has given, at the same time that he was a prolific and extraordinary Aragonesa jota singer, although in this last aspect it did not achieve the recognition it deserved by its contemporaries in its time.

The interpretation of Fleta is in charge of three great current voices: the lyrical tenors David Baños and Eduardo Sandoval, and the jotas singer Nacho Del Río. It also has Miguel Ángel Berna as a guest artist, and the musical advice of Alberto Artigas.

The performances will take place at the Principal Theater of Zaragoza every day from September 10 to 26, 2021 (with the exception of days 13 and 20).