Así cantó el Alto Aragón

The emblematic jota singer Roberto Ciria published recently the work Así cantó el Alto Aragón, an album in which Ciria traces the history of the Alto Aragonese jota sung through the figure and style of its most prominent representatives.

In Así cantó el Alto Aragón, Roberto Ciria interprets a collection of tunes and lyrics from the repertoire of the great voices of the Huesca jota, from Fidela Gardeta to Joaquín Campodarve or José Bescós, without forgetting the Seral family, Camila Gracia or even Miguel Fleta.

The own and distinctive personality of the Huesca jota is perfectly captured in this work, which pays tribute to those who forged it with the unmistakable voice and style of Roberto Ciria.

Thus Así cantó el Alto Aragón will be the theme of the concert that Ciria will offer in Tardienta on September 4, 2021, at 8:00 p.m.