Joaquín Pardinilla Sextet

The Joaquín Pardinilla Sextet group returns to the stage with its repertoire of themes in which traditional music sounds in the key of jazz and other current music. The last album of the band, presented in the spring of 2018, was Seeing to believe, commemorating the 40 years of the publication of the mythical work of the Chicotén group, a pioneer in the treatment of popular musical themes with contemporary parameters. This album added to the group’s curriculum, which already had four previous albums (including their quintet stage), contributing with the collaborations of numerous Aragonese artists linked to Aragonese popular music from all its facets.

On this occasion, Joaquín Pardinilla Sextet will perform on the San Francisco Auditorium of Monzón, on Saturday, June 19, 2021 at 9 p.m.