Miguel Ángel Berna performs “Jota & Berna”

The performances of the show Jota & Berna, created by the dancer Miguel Ángel Berna, continue. After its premiere at the Teatro Principal in Zaragoza, it will be performed on June 12, 2021 in the Zaragoza Auditorium, by the Miguel Ángel Berna Company, and it will include well-known artists such as the choreographer and dancer Cesc Gelabert, the dancers Sofía Berna and Manuela Adamo, who is also the stage director, the jota singer Irene Alcoceba or the musicians Alberto Artigas, Miguel Ángel Fraile, Josué Barrés and Guille Mata.

Following the fruitful line of creation from Berna, the show offers compositions based on traditional melodies and rhythms and works of modern manufacture inspired by the musical tradition and the music of the great Spanish composers who immortalized the jota.