“De la Raíz” season 2020

After its premature postponement, due to the pandemic, the days of radical culture that, under the name De la Raíz, organized by AREA, Aragonesa de Representaciones Artísticas, are resumed. A cycle that brings to the stages of the Delicias Civic Center of Zaragoza some of the current representatives of radical folk, or the germinal music of the various groups that enrich our culture.

Although we will not be able to count on all the groups initially planned, the performances of Rodrigo Cuevas “Trópico de Covadonga”, Rafael Jiménez Falo, Miquel Gil, Elem, La bien querida and the Aragonese electrofolk group MAUT are still pending.

Unfortunately, the film series at the Zaragoza Film Library, in which several ethnomusical-themed documentaries were scheduled to be screened, has been postponed for this year.

The cycle runs from November 14 to December 21, 2020. All concerts will begin at 6 p.m.