Folk dance evenings

Finally we have the opportunity to participate in a traditional open-air dance, in a format compatible with health recommendations but no less fun..

The Los Balcones del Albergue initiative arises from the need to encourage residents who felt the need to stay at home during the past confinement, which spontaneously brought out numerous amateur and professional musicians onto the balconies. Since then, the well-known Zaragoza hall La Bóveda del Albergue has been programming small-scale performances by musicians and small groups from the city.

Continuing with the project, Tardes de bailes folk,  a group made up of four musicians seasoned in music, dances and popular instruments from all over the world, is now presented: they are Javier Laio, Gonzalo Sarsa, Günter F. von Petarden (Álvaro Hecho) and Allué Fiddle (Néstor Rubio).

An opportunity that many fans miss, to have fun dancing European folk dances. An unconventional festival due to the stage and sanitary requirements but that will allow us to recover the lost dancing tone these days.

The concert will take place on June 23, 2020, at 8:00 p.m., in Los balcones del Albergue (C / Predicadores, 70) in Zaragoza.