Ad Libitum presents his show “Solombría”

Although still in dribs and drabs, fortunately we are witnessing the revival of the entertainment sector. The Alagón City Council (Zaragoza) presents a determined proposal and it is expected that will serve as a model for many city councils that until now are waiting for the evolution of the coronavirus: a spectacle with an audience, with reduced capacity and strictly observing all the established security measures. by the health authorities, in the local bullring.

The Ad Libitum Company offers the show Solombría, a music and dance recital that delves into the common roots of the two popular genres par excellence in Spain: La Jota and Flamenco.

The voice of Vanesa Osete, educated in both styles, together with an extraordinary group of musicians and dancers of both styles, will take us back to the time when jota and flamenco know each other and enrich each other as a consequence of emigration, in a story told live by Juanjo Hernández.

Solombría is offered on Friday, June 12, 2020, at 9:00 p.m., in the Alagón bullring.

Although the capacity is very limited for health reasons, the show will be offered live through the Alagón City Council Facebook page: and the YouTube channel “Fiestas de Alagón”: