“Miscelánea”, in concert

Miscelánea (Miscellaneous) is a musical project in which the jota singer Sergio Sanz Artús summarizes his extensive and varied musical career, from a personal perspective. The jota and the popular songs are present in this collection of melodies, which has an extraordinary musical accompaniment, both for the voices that sing along with Sergio and for the musicians who accompany them: Jaime Giménez Martín, Jesús Vidal Gayán, José María Millán Laguardia, David Navarro Domingo, Rafa Casanova, Alberto Lázaro Glaría, David Lázaro Glaría, Jesús Gimeno Burriel, Julio Bellido Asensio, Pili Martín, Mónica Ciprés Escobedo, Keila Giménez, Víctor Bajo Flores, Ana Dominguez Cuenca, Raquel Velasco Torrecilla and Susana Burguete Sora.

Sergio Sanz offers Miscelánea, on December 1, 2019, at 5:00 p.m., at the Adolfo Suárez Municipal Theater in Tres Cantos (Madrid).