Mi corazón dice, dice

Mi corazón dice, dice is the title of the new show that will be offered by the two extraordinary performers of Aragonese jota Beatriz Bernad and Nacho del Río. Ten years have passed since his work The jota yesterday and today, from which a close collaboration between both singers was born, and their voices continue to offer a different way to enjoy the jota, with a refined interpretive style, an exquisite taste for classic tunes and the way of singing of the great masters, and an elaborate and surprising staging, thanks to the scenic direction of Marian Pueo, the musical direction of Alberto Gambino and the collaboration of figures of different musical styles such as Belén Estaje, Nieves Coscuyuela, Rubén Jiménez and DJ Mr. Pendejo.

Mi corazón dice, dice is offered from October 24 to 27 at the Teatro Principal in Zaragoza.