Araboas on the Pilar festivities

The folk music group Araboas has a repertoire drawn from the oral tradition of Aragon, Spain and Latin America, which is seasoned with polyphonic arrangements and a variety of traditional and modern musical instruments. In 2018 he released his first album: ¿Cantamos? (Sones de infancia) (Shall we sing? Songs of childhood), with a repertoire based on the songs we have known since our childhood and still remember and sing with pleasure to our kids.

The group is composed by five musicians tanned in Aragonese folk, which provide extensive experience in other musical genresSalvador Berlanga (guitar, small guitar and vocals), Fernando Gabarrús (percussion, hurdy-gurdy, pinfano and vocals), Toyo Gabarrús (guitar, harmonicas and vocals), José Ángel Gil (bass and vocals) and Crestian Josuér (accordion, chiflo, flute and psaltery).

Araboas will participante in the Pilar 2019 festivities in Zaragoza, with a performance in the Pilar square, on October 8 at 10 p.m.