The Jota has no gender

As part of the programming of the IV days for equality offered by the Civic Center Santa Isabel, Zaragoza, on March 24 will premiere the concert The Jota has no gender, a recital of jota sung with a special accent in the first jota styles collected and systematized by Santiago Lapuente, as well as the role played by the great singers in the preservation and transmission of this song in a predominantly masculine society.

The recital will be given by the singers Estela Alarcón and José Luis del Arco, who will be accompanied by Andrés Turón on the violin and Javier Ruiz on the guitar. The couple of children’s dance composed by Keila Giménez and Jaime Mandar will also intervene.

The jota has no gender will be performed on March 24, 2019, at 6:00 pm, in the Assembly Hall of the Santa Isabel Civic Center (Zaragoza).