“De la Raíz” season 2019

The season De la Raíz, organized by AREA, Aragonesa de Representaciones Artísticas, is back to Zaragoza. A cycle that brings to the stages of the Delicias Civic Center, the University Civic University and the Teatro de las Esquinas, some of the current representatives of the radical folk, or the germinal music of the diverse collectives that enrich our culture.

For this 2019 it is worth noting the presence of the Galician group Luar na Lubre, on March 28, or Diego Amador, on February 23, along with other names such as Juan Perro, Trovadores de las 3 Culturas, El Gancho Sonidero and various artists of the national folklore.

As a novelty, this year also brings a film series at the Fonoteca de Zaragoza, in which six documentaries will be screened: Camarón: flamenco y revolución, Jai Alai. Deporte, cultura y libertad, Canciones para después de una guerra, Peret, yo soy la rumba, Muerte en la Alcarria and Quinqui Stars.